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Welcome to Autobody Repairs Website

We are based in Shaftesbury Dorset and are Classic Car & Bike paintwork and restoration specialists who can  cater for most  restorations . We price by the hour so work can be done economically as with most tasks things always alter when work starts many jobs become simpler some more complex when older filler and 'bodges' are removed. . Telephone 07821  266  0910 
Unit 25c Longmead Industrial Estate,   Shaftesbury,

Preparation Work

We can tackle jobs from restoring to remaking absent body parts and have now a lot of practice on aluminium bodies such as Bristol  + other coachbuilt  cars

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We can offer complete back to body re spray or simple repairs as needed whether on steel, aliuminium or fibreglass car bodies

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We have the contacts to take on cars from basket case to full restoration if required see our picture gallery which will update when time allows

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